The Inno-Water Environmental Research and Services Inc. (Inno-Water Inc.) was established by the devoted and highly recognized scientists and experts of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2010. 

The mission of our consultant company is to provide creative, innovative and cost-efficient solutions of environmental and water technology problems and thus to provide effective and professional engineering services for the Clients at the utmost quality level. 

Main activity of Inno-Water Inc. is engineering consultancy and technical research and development in the fields of environmental protection and water management.

We endeavour to develop strong partnership in order to find optimal solutions for our Clients. Our expert team includes biologists, environmental engineers and civil engineers, design engineers, researchers with PhD degree, working fast, efficiently and flexible. The core team of the company and the expert network behind us have proven professional experience in the field of water management, water quality control, environmental impact assessment, environmental legislation, environmental remediation and emergency management for the past few decades.

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